Graphic Design Services
London (UK)

Pavilion is a hobby studio based in South East London. Run as an extracurricular practice, Pavilion runs parallel to the independent publishing project known as Kiosk and whilst the two are somewhat entwined, they operate as separate entities.

We produce books, posters, logos, identities, typefaces & websites and more.

Neue Information Age
Type Design
Digitisation and interpretive redraw of Information Breitfett (1958), originally designed by Friedrich Karl Sallwey.

The Power of Nightmares Type Design
WIP specimens of workhorse neo-grotesque typeface that has become known fondly as “The Power of Nightmares”.

My Famicase
Game Carts
Famicom cartridge designs for the My Famicase Exhibition at Meteor, Tokyo. TERRORFORM (2019), ExGerminate (2020) & Super Hyper Mega (2021).